Georgia Senate Election January 5, 2021

Time is running out!

There are two Senate races in Georgia on January 5, 2021!  Learn more about the elections from Ballotpedia. We have listed nonpartisan efforts below. If you would like to add an organization, contact

1. Volunteer with the New Georgia Project, a nonpartisan effort to register and engage voters.

“The goal is to ensure that all young voters in each community are engaged, and informed.”

Opportunities: phone bank, canvassing, data entry/admin/otherVolunteer form here or email

2. Urgent: Seeking Postcard Writers Nationwide! Organized by the St. Louis Voter Protection Coalition. 

Help finish the job in Georgia. Organize postcard writing efforts in your community. Request postcards at

The St. Louis Voter Protection Coalition is working with the nonpartisan, nonprofit Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and the Transformative Justice Coalition in their Georgia-led, nationwide effort to write nonpartisan informational postcards to Black voters in Georgia. 

We have already helped distribute nearly 200,000 postcard packets to distributors and writers coast to coast, but we still have 6,100 postcard packets—over 300,000 postcards—that need to be distributed, written, and mailed in the next three weeks. This is possible ONLY IF each of us aggressively recruits postcard distributors and volunteer writers among our extended contacts (including outside Missouri).

Volunteer yourself and reach out to groups like:  Neighborhood Associations; Book Clubs; Greek Organizations; Church Groups or other Faith-Based Organizations; Extended Family; Activist Groups; Service Organizations and/or Schools. 

Here is a draft message you can send to your networks. :

An important election is coming up in Georgia, and you can help send nonpartisan reminders & voting info to Black voters in Georgia. This *Georgia-led* postcard-writing effort is sponsored by two nonpartisan/nonprofit organizations, the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and the Transformative Justice Coalition.

The initial mailing deadline is DECEMBER 14, but we can keep writing & mailing postcards through approximately Dec. 21st—as long as the cards arrive well before January 5th. Postcards will be distributed in individual packets of 50 postcards, 50 addresses, instructions, and a script. Distributors will receive packets to hand out to writers. All participants will be asked to sign a Nonpartisanship Agreement.

We estimate that a writer will be able to finish an entire pack in 1-2 hours. We hope that most writers/groups will be able to provide their own 35 cent postcard stamps.

You, your family, your friends, your nonprofit organization, and your faith community can participate in this NONPARTISAN EFFORT to increase turnout in communities of color for the January 5th runoff & special election.

Local writers in the STL Metro can pick up postcard packets at several self-service locations; bins at 920 Moreland Ave 63122, 810 E Pacific 63119, or 4648 Villa Knoll Drive, 63128, or by appointment at 2200 S 12th in Soulard.

Writers outside the area served by the national distribution center in St. Louis, Missouri can request kits of 10 packets or more to be shipped to them ASAP by filling out this request form:

WE HAVE 6,100 PACKETS—OVER 300,000 POSTCARDS—THAT NEED TO GO OUT, so please help by requesting postcards and sharing this information!

In addition, TJC/GCPA have a multi-faceted approach to engaging GA voters. You can get info on other efforts, such as phone banking and texting, at

Request Postcards Here 

3. Action Network

“Works in voter suppression states to reinstate disenfranchised voting rights for millions of eligible votes especially voters of color.”

Opportunities: post carding, phone banking, and texting

Volunteer form here

 4. All Voting is Local

“Working to build a democracy that works for us ALL. We fight to dismantle barriers to the ballot well before the next election so that every voter can cast a ballot that counts”

Volunteer form here

 5. American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia

“The ACLU of Georgia envisions a state that guarantees all persons the civil liberties and rights contained in the United States and Georgia Constitutions and Bill of Rights.”

Opportunities: Virtual: Phone banking, texting    In person: being a legal observer, being a poll observer   Volunteer form here

 6. Black Voters Matter

“Our goal is to increase power in our communities. Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny.”

Opportunities: Option of texting, phone banking, social media campaigning, post card writing, and fundraising. GA resident specific: Empower app

Volunteer form here

 7. Fair Vote

“a nonpartisan champion of electoral reforms that give voters a stronger voice and a representative government that works for all Americans.”

Volunteer form here

 8. League of Women Voters

“fighting to improve our government and engage all Americans in the decisions that impact their lives.”

Opportunities: Canvassing form here, can also email

 9. National Equality Action Team

“phone banking to get out the vote for the January special election.”

Opportunities: You can sign up to partner with NEAT and our friends in Georgia on this action here

10. Vot-ER

“We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Our goal is to provide patients the opportunity to register to vote, because much of our healthcare system and healthcare experiences are determined by the policies our elected officials implement.”

Opportunities: Ensure your clients have a plan to vote. It’s as simple as giving your client the QR code and letting them scan it on their phone. The site guides them from there.

Volunteer form here

 11. When We All Vote

“When We All Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting, harnessing grassroots energy and through strategic partnerships to reach every American.”

Opportunities: Join the team to share important social media updates and graphics with your friends, family and online networks regarding the Georgia runoffs!

Volunteer form here

Make a plan to vote and find an early vote activity near you here