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Voting has always mattered at every level of government. Today, the stakes could not be higher!

In November 2022, voters will decide the makeup of Congress, choose most governors, the composition of state legislatures and in many localities, select judges, local leaders, and consider important ballot questions. All these decisions will critically shape our daily life, the strength of U.S. Democracy, and the future of fundamental human rights.

To mobilize social workers, VISW has just updated the Voting is Social Work website and launched our Power of Three Voter Mobilization Campaign. Here you will learn about the Campaign, find materials, resources, webinars, and other tools that you, your students, colleagues, friends, and community can use to register voters and get out the vote.

We need your support. The National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign (VISW) is a volunteer movement. The Nancy A Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work hosts our website and supports our infrastructure. But we need your help to increase VISW’s capacity to continue to mobilize social workers around the country.

By supporting the development and expansion of our communication infrastructure (e.g., technical expertise administrative assistance, social media presence, etc.), your dollars will significantly increase our capacity to reach many more of the 700,000 social workers in the U.S.! Imagine if they each registered three people, and they registered three more…. And so on.

No Need to Imagine. Instead, you can DONATE to the Power of Three Voter Mobilization Campaign and help to protect our democracy.  Our work is nonpartisan, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Note:  Our donation page is hosted by ACOSA   You do not have to be a member pf ACOSA to donate to VISW or have a login. Simply go directly to “Contact Information” to enter your details.

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