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Caprecia, a social work student at George Mason University, registers voters. (Read her story below!)

Be the Change you Wish to see in the World

Social work students are critical change agents within their schools and communities. You have the have the power to make a difference in the world.  Voter mobilization and civic engagement are two ways that you can promote social justice through action and ensuring meaningful decision making participation for all people.

Ways that you can get involved!

Did You Know? 

DYK about Voter Suppression? Nearly 6 million Americans; including 1 in 13 African Americans, were not allowed to vote because of felony convictions in 2016? Felony disenfranchisement laws vary from state-to-state. Find out how you can help advocate and educate convicted felons voting rights at to learn about your state’s felony voting law. 

DYK about Voter ID Laws? Voter identification laws vary from state-to-state? Learn about voter ID laws in your state @National Conference of State Legislatures.  You can find out about your state's requirement to obtain an ID by visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Keep in mind COVID-19 may impact the length of time it takes to obtain an ID.

DYK Voter Registration Laws Vary from State-to-State? Learn about your state's voter registration laws @ Keep in mind states may require your residency prior to the election. If you have moved to school and are registered at your parent's home or a prior address, you can request an absentee ballot

DYK that state election dates are determined by state statutes?  State elections are determined by state statues and can be affected by natural disasters, unexpected events, and public health concerns? Learn more about election dates and emergencies @Nonprofit Vote State Election Dates and Deadlines website.

Caprecia's Story: Finding Any Opportunity to Engage Voters

Caprecia Miller, a MSW student at George Mason University has gone above and beyond the call to action in her attempts to register voters and promote voter engagement!. Working with When We All Vote as a Voting Squad Captain, she has managed to adapt to the challenges of running voter registration drives during a pandemic. Caprecia has even found unique opportunities by setting up voter registration drives near peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and through virtual house parties.

Do you have a story to share about your voter registration and civic engagement efforts? Share you story with us here!


5 Steps to Voter Engagement