Social Service Agencies & Community Organizations

Nonpartisan voter registration, education and outreach is legal, ethical and professional!  Agencies and organizations can support clients, staff and communities to vote by giving people the information and encouragement they need to be informed voters.  Here are some ways you can integrate these nonpartisan activities into your agency's operations and culture.

  • Share our fact sheet: Agencies Role in Voter Turnout
  • Build support and knowledge among your staff and community about the importance of voting. Our sample presentation can get you started:  Voting is Social Work presentation
  • Host a successful voter registration drive using this Voter Registration Drive Checklist
  • Use this worksheet to help find elected officials that represent your agency.  (Know Your Elected Officials)
  • Use the voter engagement worksheet for organizations to integrate nonpartisan voter engagement into your organizational culture
  • Know the difference between partisan activities and nonpartisan voter engagement.  Nonpartisan voter activities by social workers, nonprofit organizations and most government agencies is legal, ethical and professional. Know the facts: Nonprofit Vote’s 501(c)(3) Fact Sheet.
  • Felony voting laws disproportionately affect people and communities of color and there is widespread misinformation.  Educate staff and clients on who can vote with a felony in your state. The Sentencing Project is an excellent resource.
  • Integrate nonpartisan activities into your agency's operations. For example:
    • Ask clients whether they are registered to vote through the in-take process and offer assistance registering them.
    • Provide links on where to find your polling location.
    • Invite elected officials to meet with clients/staff.
    • Provide links to nonpartisan voter guides.
    • Post sample ballots.
    • Invite the League of Women Voters or your election official to your agency.
    • Promote elections AND primaries with "pledge to vote" drives and encouragement.
    • Find volunteers who help drive people to the polls on election day.
    • Tell clients their voice and power matter!  Encourage them to vote!

Remember: elected officials pay attention to clients and communities who vote.  Nonpartisan voter engagement is about the practice of informed voting.  This never includes telling people who to vote for, which party is better or endorsing any candidate.