Social Service Agencies & Community Organizations

Dispel the myths!

Agencies and organizations can support clients, staff and communities to vote.  Here are some ways you can integrate these nonpartisan activities into your agency's services, events and culture.

  • Voting is Social Work: General Information Flyer: Call to Action to Turn Out the Vote 
  • Know the Facts: Nonpartisan voter registration, education and outreach is legal, ethical and effective. For more information on the rules that apply to nonprofits, federal employees, health care settings, agencies and more, click here.
  • Train staff on the importance of voting to your mission and impact with clients.  For more information on the benefits of voting, click here.
  • Learn how to register special populations like individuals with a felony, persons experiencing homelessness, and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Integrate nonpartisan voter registration, education and outreach into your services and practice.  Use this step by step guide to create a plan for your organization.
  • Find partners who can help you in this, like your local NASW  or League of Women Voter's chapter.

Register voters!  

  • Use VotERs easy platform and tools to register voters safely in-person and on-line.
  • Send text and chat room messages to clients, friends and contacts.  Challenge others to register 20 people!

    • Share voter tools and information on social media using these social media kits:

    • Put links in your e-mail signatures, websites and communications:

    Check your voter registration   Register to vote   Request an absentee ballot    Respond to the 2020 census! 


    Give people the information they need to be informed voters.

    • Help staff and clients find their polling location.
    • Send links to request absentee ballot applications or text 'vote sw' to 34444.
    • Share and promote nonpartisan candidate forums and guides about the candidates.
    • Share copies of the ballots, which are usually available 30 days before an election.
    • Encourage people to vote in all primaries and all elections!  Remember, local elections and primaries get much less attention.
    • Share information about ride services on Election Day

    Support Civic and Community Engagement: 

    Effective voter and civic engagement is relational work that happens all year long.

    • Invite elected officials to meet with clients/staff.
    • Partner with civic organizations like the League of Women Voters to educate staff and clients.
    • Discuss the importance of voting with clients and groups
    • Promote elections AND primaries with "pledge to vote" drives
    • Tell clients their voice and power matter!


    Remember: elected officials pay attention to clients and communities who vote.  Nonpartisan voter engagement is about the practice of informed voting.  This never includes telling people who to vote for, which party is better or endorsing any candidate. 

    VISW Branding Staying Nonpartisan
    VISW Branding Staying Nonpartisan

    Hold up your cell phone camera to the QR Code to register to vote or text to register.