Social Service Agencies & Community Organizations

Nonpartisan voter registration, education and outreach is legal, ethical and professional! Agencies and organizations can support clients, staff and communities to vote by giving people the information and encouragement they need to be informed voters.

  1. Share our fact sheet:Agencies Role in Voter Turnout
  2. Download our Voting is Social Work presentation and train staff and colleagues on why voting matters to your mission and impact.
  3. Nonpartisan voter engagement is legal, ethical and professional. Know the facts: Nonprofit Vote’s 501(c)(3) Fact Sheet 
  4. Remind people to vote!  Connect clients and colleagues to to receive text messages and reminders to vote before elections.
  5. Help people look up their registration status (very important in highly mobile communities. has a voter registration look up tool and links to your state’s rules.
  6. Know the rules in your state on voting with a felony conviction. and