For Field Education

Field education and practice are the cornerstones of social work education. The practical application of what is learned in the classroom in the field provides students with opportunities to strengthen skills while impacting lives.  Bringing voter engagement to field practice not only reinforces CSWE competencies but also embodies the NASW  Code of Ethics and social work values. Below are tools to bring voter engagement to field education at your agency or school. Call to Action to Turn Out the Vote: Voting is Social Work: General Information Flyer

"NEW" Assignments for Extra Field Credit/Hours

In response to the challenges placing and retaining students in field placements during the pandemic, we have pulled together resources for field directors who can share these assignments with students, field instructors, and field seminar faculty. Click here for this list.

For Field Directors

Voting is Social Work: What Field Educators Need to Know: A three-page article about the campaign and the importance for field educators of voter mobilization for agencies and students.

Tools to share with Field Agencies

Tools to share with Field Instructors

  • Letter to Field Instructors: Voter Mobilization: Sample letter that can be customized for distribution to all Field Instructors informing them of the campaign and the role of field education in promoting civic engagement and voter mobilization skills. An informational flyer about the Campaign is attached.
  • Sample Practice Activities for Voter Engagement Field EducationThis document provides a helpful checklist demonstrating the alignment of 19 possible field-based civic engagement/ voter mobilization activities for students with the 2015 EPAS (9) Competencies.
  • Twenty Ways to Make Voting Matter: These are 20 brief paragraphs describing students’ experience -- in their own words -- of work in the area of voter mobilization in a range of different field placement settings, both micro and macro.
For information on permissible nonpartisan activities and ways that agencies can support clients to vote, see our For agencies page.