Field Education Toolkit

Agencies Role in Voter Turnout Fact Sheet

Download the following fact sheet to integrate voting into social work agencies. Agencies Role in Voter Turnout

Voting is Social Work Fact Sheet

Voting IS social work! This fact sheet describes social work's role in voter engagement and turnout. Voting is Social Work Fact Sheet

Nonprofit Vote’s 501(c)(3) Permissible Election Activities Checklist

Know the difference between partisan activities and nonpartisan voter engagement.  Nonpartisan voter activities by social workers, nonprofit organizations and most government agencies is legal, ethical and professional. Nonpartisan Election Activities for 501(c)(3)

Letter to Field Instructors: Voter Mobilization

2-page letter (template) that can be customized for distribution to all Field Instructors informing them of the campaign and the role of field education in promoting civic engagement and voter mobilization skills. An informational flyer about the Campaign is attached.Letter to Field Directors

Voter Engagement Worksheet for Organizations

This worksheet is a helpful small group exercise that can be used in field instructor seminars, engaging field educators in thinking through with others the steps that they might take, and the potential barriers they may face in introducing voter mobilization activities into their workplace. Voter Engagement Worksheet for Organizations

The New Social Worker

This is an article by Terry Mizrahi and Mimi Abramovitz which provides an overview of history and impetus behind the Voting is Social Work Campaign. Most helpful as an introduction for field educators interested in learning about the campaign. It can also be accessed at:

The New Social Worker 2019

Field Education Slides: Voting is Social Work

11-slide power point presentation that can be used and adapted as needed to introduce students and/or field instructors to the Campaign and to social work role in promoting civic engagement. Useful for student orientation and seminars for field instruction. Field Education Slides

Checklist and Resources for a Voter Registration Drive

This 2-page document provides information about setting up a voter registration drive and sample “answers” to common questions. While it references voter registration information for the state of Connecticut, it can be easily adapted for use in other states.Checklist and Resources for a Voter Registration Drive

Ideas/Best Practices to Integrate Voter Engagement into Agency Operations

A short one-page document detailing ideas and best practices for voter engagement in agencies. Ideas for Integrating Voter Mobilization Activities into the Classroom and Field

Example Practice Activities for Voter Engagement Field Education

This document provides a helpful checklist demonstrating the alignment of 19 possible field-based civic engagement/ voter mobilization activities for students with the 2015 EPAS (9) Competencies. Example Practice Activities for Voter Engagement Field Ed

Field Educator Article, Fall 2019

Voting is Social Work: What Field Educators Need to Know: A three-page article about the campaign and the importance for field educators of voter mobilization for agencies and students. Field Educator Fall 2019

Twenty Ways to Make Voting Matter

These are 20 brief paragraphs describing students’ experience -- in their own words -- of work in the area of voter mobilization in a range of different field placement settings, both micro and macro.

Twenty Ways to Make Voting Matter