Online Voter Engagement Tools

Registration is just one step in becoming a life long, informed voter.  People need to know when, where and how to vote as well as information about the candidates /issues being decided upon.  Agencies and social workers can help connect them to this information and encourage them to vote on election day, and the online tools listed below can help.

Students Learn Students Vote is a national coalition of colleges and universities that work to institutionalize voting culture in college campuses. They share voting resources and events specifically targeted towards students and educators.

The League of Women Voters are excellent local resources. Their website,, is an online voter guide for local, state and federal candidates.  Note that not all communities are included since it is supported by local chapters.  Look for other local online guides in your community. is a one-stop resource where you can register to vote, check your registration status/address, find polling locations and link to your state's election website.

Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young people through pop culture, music, art and technology. Check status, register voters, find voter guides and helpful tools. Rock the Vote also partners with NASW and Social Work Helper.

TurboVote will send simple text-message or email reminders and information about where to vote all local/state/federal elections. You can also get forms, update voter registration, request an absentee ballot and keep track of local and national elections. Note: Many colleges and universities use Turbovote to register students.

Easily view and compare candidates that will be on your personal ballot by entering your address through BallotReady.

The largest source of nonpartisan resources to help nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services. Nonprofit Vote provides training, marketing materials, research and resources to vote.

The Sentencing Project is a leading voice on criminal justice research and policy, including felony voting rights.  Learn more about the 6.1 million citizens who have lost their right to vote because of a felony conviction and connect to your state's rules and local allies.

The American Civil Liberties Union advocates for policies that make it easier for Americans to vote, including the expansion of same-day and online voter registration.


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